Online Learning API at a Glance

mlrequest contains 3 model types, each with their own /predict and /learn (or /reward) endpoint. The three model types are classification, regression, and reinforcement learning.

Model Type

Predict Endpoint

Learn Endpoint







Reinforcement Learning



Each model type has its own domain of problems that it attempts to solve. See the model types section for more information about each model type.

Creating and Using Online Models

To create a new online model, make a POST request to any endpoint. Models are created automatically if the name you assign to the model in the request does not already exist in your account.

For example, to create a new reinforcement learning model, you may send a model prediction request to /rl/predict or model learn request to /rl/reward with a model name that is different from your other active models.

A model created by a predict endpoint will not make intelligent decisions until it has learned on labeled data.